OptoMole in use, report from the EIC

OptoMole, a new product for locating gas leaks under our streets, is now in use on a daily basis. It has been developed over the last 4 years in collaboration with Britain’s gas distribution network Companies. OptoSci, is currently working closely with Cadent, Northern Gas Networks and Wales & West Utilities.


OptoMole, shown in the photograph, uses a novel combination of laser-based gas sensing technology. Low power laser light is transmitted from a compact control unit (which contains all the electrical system elements) through a long, tough fibre-optic cable to a small, all-optical, inherently safe gas probe at the end,.

This report from the Energy Innovation Centre (EIC) highlights the excellent results now that the product is in use.

Please use the following link to read the article http://energyinnovationcentre.com/cadent-collaboration-helps-optosci-ltd-innovative-sensing-technology/