Innovative Fibre Optic Gas Detection Systems

Using near-infrared tuneable diode laser spectroscopy our accurate and economical technology has many advantages over existing catalytic pellistor, mid-IR gas analyser and electro chemical alternatives


OptoSniff® is our versatile system providing safe, reliable, multi-point, natural gas detection over large areas.  The central control unit distributes and collects low power optical signals via a fibre optic network. It has the ability to process data for up to 256 all optical sensors, all inherently safe with no spark or EMI risk at distances of up to 20km away


OptoMole® is our award winning, mobile, all-optical natural gas detection system that rapidly locates natural gas ingress points in underground service cable ducts. It was designed and tested in collaboration with the UK’s Gas Distribution Network Companies who are now deploying it, reducing their excavation and repair costs when finding the gas leaks under our streets


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