Locating gas escapes from buried gas mains is a time consuming and resource heavy activity. In urban locations, gas mains often run in or parallel to utility ducts or service tunnels and OptoSniff® is ideally suited to provide continuous monitoring for natural gas escapes within these locations. We have installed the system in service tunnels worldwide where it has been reliably providing continuous gas monitoring data to alert the operators of any gas escapes within their network.

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Utility Ducts / Tunnels – Datasheet

OptoSniff® – Multipoint Optical Gas Sensing for Utility Ducts / Tunnels OptoSci’s multipoint OptoSniff gas sensing system is an ideal …

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utility gas leak

Utility Ducts – China

A 30-point 19” rack based OptoSniff fast update system was installed in Chengdu Province, China during. The area is source …

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Utility tunnels – Japan

OptoSniff methane system designed & developed to simultaneously update all sensors and make system suitable for gas safety monitoring applications. …